90.000 Words with Pictures PRO

90.000 Words with Pictures PRO

Version 1.0
Install +500
Category Education
Size 56 MB
Last Update 2024 March 22
90.000 Words with Pictures PRO

90.000 Words with Pictures PRO

90.000 Words & Pictures - © Frome 2017 Education
Version 1.0
Install +500
Category Education
Size 56 MB
Last Update 2024 March 22
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💘💘💘Loved and trusted worldwide 🥇🥇🥇

🏆 “90.000 Words with Pictures PRO” was named App of the Year by Facebook.

😃 Beginner or advanced learner, traveler or business professional - This Vocabulary app works great and dynamically adjusts to your needs.

Features :

► Quality audio pronunciation and images.
► No internet connection required while learning (offline).
► There are many mini games for you, playing game to learn English.
► Add all your new vocabulary to Reminder, it will remind you to learn your vocabulary daily
► Commonly-used vocabularies
► 100% Free: No limitations of content or functions in an attempt to make you buy a paid version. Everything is free.
► Become fluent in a new language with this language learning app
► Learn to read different alphabets like Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, and Hindi
► Custom illustrations for each word makes learning the language easy to remember
► Language learning fun with game-like language lessons
► Track your language learning progress and get rewards
► From beginner to expert levels, learn foreign language vocabulary
► IOS : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/english-5000-word-with-picture/id1253833214?mt=8
Available Languages:
- American English
- British English
- Spanish; Castilian
- Korean
- German
- Dutch
- Russian
- Polish
- Chinese (Simplified)
- Chinese (Traditional)
- Afrikaans
- Arabic
- Bengali
- Czech
- Danish
- French
- Portuguese
- Gujarati
- Hindi
- Indonesian
- Italian
- Japanese
- Swedish
- Kannada
- Malayalam
- Malay
- Norwegian
- Romanian, Moldavian, Moldovan
- Turkish
- Slovak
- Serbian
- Tamil
- Telugu
- Thai
- Ukrainian
- Vietnamese

✔️ 100% illustrated: Pictures directly carry the meaning - you don’t have to use your native language at all! No intermediary. Faster, more effective and of course more fun! :)
✔️5 min sessions: limiting practice time sounds crazy but it it makes it incredibly addictive - which is cool thing for learning. The barrier of entry is close to zero so you can’t have any excuses: you’ll have 5 minutes even on the busiest day!

👍Qucik: Keyboard typing is painfully slow. Welcome rapid swipes and taps! Trust us, you’ll need those extra seconds during the quick learning session ;)

👍Forge a habit: . “90.000 Words with Pictures PRO” wants to make you language learning addict. Effectiveness is nothing without a well established habit. We help you build one!

🎅 Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! If you have any concerns, recommendations or complaints just drop us a line at support@500000wordswithpictures.com and we will work towards making better!
🥇 Privacy Policy: https://500000wordswithpictures.com/privacy-policy/
🥇 Terms of Use : https://500000wordswithpictures.com/terms-and-conditions/
Start now and experience the new way of learning English
Speaking like a native has never been easier.

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