Hero Squad!

Hero Squad!

نسخه ۲۳.۰.۱
+۱ هزار
نصب فعال
۳۸۹ مگابایت

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معرفی برنامه

Surround yourself with the best army to survive against the monster hordes!

Recruit new units with destructive weapons to survive as long as possible :

- Shockbow who sends electric arrows to stun enemies
- Akimbo shooting very quickly with a gun in each hand
- Shotgun who bursts in a cone and neutralizes zombie groups
- Grenade throwing explosive stuff in area to kill shielded troops
- Sniper aiming from far away and piercing rows of monsters
- Paladin hitting the ground with his hammer and doing a lot of gore

Go through the halls and collect powerful bonuses to reinforce your troops!

Run to the helicopter to save your army and escape the battlefield!

Create your army now and become the strongest one!

Use your soldiers to shoot bullets at the zombies and kill them.

Earn gold from dead enemies and customize your hero with funny costumes.

Discover the events : solo run, endless or money rush.

We are waiting for you on the battleground for a great adventure, are you ready for action?

نظرات کاربران

تو قسمتassemble your teamوقتی تایم بازی از ۱۰ دقیقه بیشتر میشه و تعداد نفراتی که کشته میشن از ۵ هزار نفر عبور میکنه در حین بازی به یکباره هنگ میکنه و سرعت بازی پایین میاد.مثل این میمونه که عمدا این کارو کردین که نشه سکه زیاد جایزه گرفت
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