Kids Whiteboard: Easy Paint and Draw

Kids Whiteboard: Easy Paint and Draw

Version 1.0
Install +100
Category Education
Size 20 MB
Last Update 2021 October 29
Kids Whiteboard: Easy Paint and Draw

Kids Whiteboard: Easy Paint and Draw

Kids Learning Apps - Educational Games: Baby Lab
Version 1.0
Install +100
Category Education
Size 20 MB
Last Update 2021 October 29
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Easy Paint and Draw is one of the best painting booth and art drawing app for children’s early education system. Let’s start painting on kids whiteboard. This painting app is easy to use for children painting in which any drawing shape can be draw in the right way. Whiteboard drawing and painting includes free stickers to stamp on the white pages. Choose the drawing shapes sketches in the middle, draw on the dotted lines freely to make any geometry shape to learn and make fun. Draw it very carefully! Coloring and painting with different paint colors free available on the coloring panel. Clear the board with the help of eraser tool and recoloring again. Toddlers like very much coloring games and like to paint and draw freely on whiteboards. Pencil sketch shapes can also be drawn on whiteboard with black color pencil. Simple line drawing apps are much easy to use and helpful for kids. So Hello Kids ! Draw your ideas and share your painting art work school teachers and school friends. Kids can easily enjoying birds coloring, animals learning, fruits coloring by easy drawing and painting.
Let’s paint and learn. Educreation apps are designed for kids learning numbers, ABC and fun math games. Kids can be learn 1 + 1 = 2 on this kids whiteboard app as well. One of the best mind relaxing app for kids to learn and paint. Very useful app for all age of boys and girls as well. Whiteboard app can also be used for personal use, to learn signatures, as a sticky notes, for office use, as a school diary, as a simple notebook. Now kids don’t like to make drawing shapes on chalkboard. There are many geometry shapes to draw it with colors. Every preschool boys and girls have opportunity to demonstrate their unique ideas and imaginations. Full entertainment and enjoyment for babies and doodlers to pass their free time.
Let’s Kids try to do creative art drawing and designs with colorful stuffs. One of the best app for kids brain testing. Creative art of painting push forward kids mind and learn them how to draw, how to paint, how to do pencil sketching, different drawing shapes and color combinations. Free stickers and stamps available to paste on the whiteboard. Painting and drawing at kids level help the preschool children and preschool toddlers to think out of the box, the ability to develop observation in art of painting and their brainstorming. Parents must attention to their child’s interest in drawing and painting because it's an mind blowing educational subject game to develop their brain and explore the world imaginations.
Kids Whiteboard Features:
• Simple Draw and Paint
• Easy paint and Draw
• Pro create art drawing app
• Kids learn paint and coloring
• Coloring book for kids
• Drawing book for preschool kids
• Repainting and Recoloring on whiteboard
• Children painting on whiteboard
• Free stickers, free emojies, geometry shapes sketches to use on whiteboard
• Drawing, painting and learning app for kids
• Simple and easy for preschool kids
• Free Drawing game
• Draw your best design and save for future
• Preschool Math game for kids
• Relax game and easy to use
• Fun math games for kids
• Free multiplication game
• Time Killing painting fun game
• Kids Brain Training
• Unlimited time to draw in.
• Fun game, full entertainment & art coloring paint kids games
• User friendly interactive game to have fun with school friends
Go Kids and Present your best painting art work. Free download and play with colors. It’s your time.

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