StoryMaker - Insta Story Maker

StoryMaker - Insta Story Maker

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StoryMaker - Insta Story Maker

StoryMaker - Insta Story Maker

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نسخهٔ ۲.۰.۴
نصب +۱۰۰
دسته‌بندی آموزش
حجم ۵۶ مگابایت
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Insta Story is today's best for Instagram story editor. This Insta Story app provides a lot of insta template and frames for pictures to help you create beautiful stories to share on social media Instagram, Facebook, ... ect to help you get more likes and more followers!

Create your own story using Insta Story and turn your story into a work of art! The app helps you get the most out of your way photos and share your stories with the world in a pretty interesting .

#Easy to use
No account needed: No registration or account required, just open Amee to start creating your story

#Story for Instagram on topics:

- Create beautiful stories, and share story for Instagram, Facebook,... with uniquely designed story templates.
- Write text on photo quickly and easily.
- Add stickers to photos to create new and interesting for your story.
- Rich and varied story insta template with themes.
- All resources including story templates, stickers and fonts will be updated regularly.

#How to use the app?
1. Select the story template you want
Choose from our available story templates that you like. Varied and rich story templates with a lot of different topics.
2. Add your photo
Upload content for the story template from your library, by pressing the "+" in the frame.
Easily move, shrink, zoom in and rotate your photos with simple gestures
3. Edit the story template
- You can edit the text available in the story template by clicking on them or by clicking on the "text" icon to add text to the image.
- In addition to text, you can use the feature to insert stickers on photos to make your story more interesting.
4. Share your art with the world
Share your posts directly on Instagram stories, Facebook,... or simply save to your device.

Insta Story is completely free! Download it NOW!

If you have questions or suggestions for this Insta Story, please email to Have a good day!

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