ReaderPro - Speed reading and brain development

ReaderPro - Speed reading and brain development

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Speed reading is not secret knowledge at all, available only to the elect, it is a skill that is accessible to everyone and is achieved by regular and proper training. In our application collected the best exercises and techniques for this.

Regularly practicing according to the programs, that are contained in our application, you will increase reading speed several times, as well as significantly expand your vocabulary and rise to a new level of reality perception thanks to the complex effect of these exercises on your cognitive abilities.

In addition to its main purpose - increasing the speed of reading - the speed reading skill will allow you to find the key meaning in any text. Correspondence with hidden meaning, multi-page legal documents and tables - nothing will hide from your attention!

A flexible system of reminders will keep you training on a regular basis. You'll also be able to select an optimal training schedule thanks to it.

The application includes exercises, such as Schulte tables, that have already proven to be effective and other unique specially created exercises.

The innovativeness of the application lies in the fact, that the exercises are not only effective and allow you to achieve visible results in the shortest possible time, but also made in a pleasant, playful form. Engage in self-development with pleasure!

The exercises are conveniently grouped into several types of training of varying intensity and duration. Depending on whether YOU have free time, YOU can train in the short intervals between the main activity, using fast workouts, and thoroughly, with full immersion in the process, using main exercises.

The application will show YOU the results of passage of each exercise and each workout in the form of a graph, that most clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of your trainings for all time.

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