Audio Editor - Audio Cutter

Audio Editor - Audio Cutter

Version 1.0.44
Install +500
Category Tools
Size 35 MB
Last Update 2022 December 30
Audio Editor - Audio Cutter

Audio Editor - Audio Cutter

Eco Mobile
Version 1.0.44
Install +500
Category Tools
Size 35 MB
Last Update 2022 December 30
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Audio Cutter - Mp3 cutter: super audio editor application for all music lovers. The fast, modern, professional music editor is an indispensable FREE application on your smartphone.

Audio cutter free you can freely create music according to your own wishes, interests, and needs. Best of all, with just one touch, you can set your favorite music as ringtones, and alarm tones on your mobile phone.

Audio editor - Music editor: Excellent experience:

    ✨ Fast, easy, convenient, and free!

    ✨ Modern, professional Audio cutter!

    ✨ Get started quickly, edit audio with one tap!

    ✨ Don't miss out, install Music Editor - Mp3 Cutter NOW!

Enjoy Audio editor in different styles such as cutting music, merging music, converting file formats, converting video to audio, mixing audio, speed editor, tag audio, reverse audio, compressing audio, setting as ringtone, alarm sound,... The sound after editing is of high quality.
Simple, friendly, modern, and smart interface design, Music editor gives you a great experience when Audio cutter.

Super precise and fast music cutting with Music cutter:

    🎵 Move easily with the music cut button.

    🎵 Keep or cut any music you like.

    🎵 Support cut multiple times and save different names for the track.

    🎵 Choose a ringtone right after that.

Professional music pairing:

    🎶 Move easily the order of the tracks.

    🎶 The last track is a combination of many songs of your choice.

Convert audio file format from Music Editor:

    🔁 Support converting original audio formats to many different formats such as mp3, aac, m4a, wav,...

Convert video to audio:

    🎼 Select the file format you want to convert.

    🎼 Press the button and you've got a new track extracted from the video.

Mixing super music:

    🌕Audio Editor will open the volume adjustment screen of two songs to help you adjust the volume after mixing different songs.

    🌕 The song's duration after mixing can be selected according to the length of the short song or the long song you originally selected.

    🌕 Audio Cutter gives you a preview of the results for the mixed track so you can easily change it back when you don't see your favorite.

Change audio speed:

    🎧 Customize music speed fast or slow with different levels: from 50% - 250%.

    🎧 Enjoy adjusting the tempo of the music with just one simple operation with the Sound editor.

Customize sound tag with Audio Cutter:

    ️🥁 The audio editor supports changing Title, Artist, Album, Composer, Disk number, Track number.

    🥁 Especially being able to change the image displayed on the song with the photo in your album.

Super cool song reverse feature:

    🎷 With just a button, your song can rotate the lyrics and music from end to top. Amazing, you have created a completely different sound.

Super convenient audio compression:

    🎺 Understanding your music file compression needs, Audio Cutter has supported compression with many different indicators for you to customize the appropriate parameters. This will support resizing your music files while still having quality sound.

All your music is easy to edit, unleash your own music creation. As a music lover, you cannot ignore the Audio Editor - MP3 Cutter application. Exciting things are waiting for you.

Application Audio Cutter - Music editor is in the process of development and completion. All your feedback and suggestions please send us via email at Your feedback will be the driving force to help us work to improve the product to make it more and more useful and great.

Thank you very much

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