Highway Impossible 3D Race

Highway Impossible 3D Race

Version 1.1
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Do you accept the impossible 3D racing challenge? It starts off easy, you win a few races. Then it gets hard - really really hard. By the time you reach level 6, you will be finding yourself stuck behind your competitors. Just when you think you can win the race - bam - you get knocked back to last place.

Choose your favorite Luxury Super Fast Car. Then choose either the treacherous mountain courses or the flat desert racing courses. You will find the Desert Courses to be a bit easier - you MIGHT be able to complete all of them.

Fun 3D racing environment. Great racing sounds. The opportunity to drift when you race. 16 race track in total. Give it a try, what have you got to loose?

If you find the free version of the game to be too impossible, you can always upgrade to the Pro version. The Pro version includes super fast cars, with ultra high speed.

Contact us with suggestions @impossiblehwy

If you get 1st place in each level, send us a pic to @impossiblehwy then we will know we need to make the game much harder

Good luck racing! Enjoy the 3D Luxury Super Car Race.

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