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Genre: Adventure, Visual Novel

Theme: Fantasy, Macabre, Comedy, Adventure, Black Comedy

Suitable for: Adults, Teenagers

Based on: Series of Nightmares (an unfinished work by Duskky March)



Modern Earth has been fallen and humans are now live like primitives, with strange and bizarre beliefs. Ernilia wakes up inside a meteor crater just to find out that she has already been captured as a slave in Galbo’s caravan of infamous slave-players! They believe that Ernilia is a star-girl, one who is capable of changing human destinies. Galbo wants to abuse this opportunity in favor of his conquest for power, however nobody knows what macabre events awaits Ernilia and humanity!


Consists of:

Episode 1: Slave-players of the Purple City

Episode 2: Unexplored Roads

Episode 3: King’s Tear

Episode 4: the Game

Episode 5: the Nightmare

Episode 6: the Statue, the Stone, the Story

Episode 7: Kabad's Secret Castle

Episode 8: the Library of Skulls

Episode 9: Purpule Bazaar

More Episodes will be published ASAP…

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