HandsUp - Charades Game

HandsUp - Charades Game

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HandsUp | Charades Game - Exciting game for parties

...Capture and share your best moments...

Charades, or guess the word, is one of the hobbies that many people in the world are playing and has long been considered one of the most interesting hobbies for 2 or more men parties. Now that technology has advanced, you no longer need a bunch of cards with you to enjoy this game.

HandsUp | Charades Game features

  • Vast and creative decks

  • Included old school decks like Pantomime and Proverb

  • Creating profile to save your purchases

  • Purchased decks will be saved on your device so you can play offline

  • Creative and fluid UI with colorful design

  • Always new words will be added to already owned decks

  • Different difficulty settings for each deck so professionals can enjoy the game just like newbies

  • Capture and share your funny and exciting moments with front camera

  • Results page to show your points and your answered or passed decks

  • In-game shop with lots of different deck groups to purchase from, There is always a possibility that a deck become free for an active player!

  • Wheel of fortune

  • Using phone sensors to simplify handling of decks in exciting moments

  • Dedicated section to contact with support team withing game

Our team always welcomes your new ideas, be in touch with us.

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