Bottle Shooter Slingshot Game

Bottle Shooter Slingshot Game

Version 3.0.125
Install +20 K
Category Arcade
Size 42 MB
Last Update 2024 May 30
Bottle Shooter Slingshot Game

Bottle Shooter Slingshot Game

Dreamland Games Inc.
Version 3.0.125
Install +20 K
Category Arcade
Size 42 MB
Last Update 2024 May 30
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Hit the mark, shatter the challenge: Bottle Shooter Slingshot Game!

Jack, a determined young boy, practices tirelessly for the slingshot challenge at school. With unwavering focus and determination, he aims to emerge victorious and make his mark in the slingshot game competition. We have to train him to become the champion of bottle shooter game.

Sharpen your aim and test your precision in Sling King, the ultimate bottle smashing adventure. Brought to you by Spartans Global, Sling King offers an addictive blend of casual fun and challenging gameplay, guaranteed to keep you hooked for hours.

Features of Bottle Shooter Game
🎯 200+ levels - Endless bottle-smashing fun with ever-increasing difficulty
🎯 3 Thrilling Modes - Jungle, Desert, and Snow - each offering unique challenges
🎯 Variety of projectiles - Variety of balls like (tennis ball, snooker ball, baseball, cricket ball and more…) to smash bottles in bottle shooter game
🎯 Rewarding Gameplay - Earn coins and unlock new levels and even cooler balls
🎯 Intuitive Controls - Easy to learn, yet challenging to master, perfect for all ages

Bottle Shooter Game Modes
Explore the mesmerizing modes of the slingshot games

Jungle Frenzy
Drive into the adventure through the lush and vibrant jungle mode.
🚀 The levels in jungle mode are designed to test your accuracy and aim
🚀 This mode contains 100 challenging levels each with escalating difficulty
🚀 Watch out for obstacles and tricky angles as you progress through each level.

Desert Dunes
Feel the sun's heat and the vast sand expanse in desert mode.
🚀 The levels within desert mode are crafted to challenge your precision and targeting skills.
🚀 This mode offers 80 levels, each with a unique difficulty to breaking the bottle in catapult game.
🚀 Hit multiple targets and become the sling master in Sling King.

Snowy Wonderland
Enter a winter wonderland in snow mode on bottle shooter game
🚀 Your mission is to hit the moving target in a frosty environment.
🚀 Slingshot bottle shooter icey mode contains 70 chilling levels.
🚀Master the art of the slingshot as you tackle increasingly challenging layouts and tricky obstacles in slingshot battle.

Bottle Shooter Gameplay
To play, all you need is a slingshot, some bottles, and great aim to shoot in bottle shooting game. As you play, you'll develop your aim and learn how to adjust your shots to hit the bottles just right in no wifi games. You can also experiment with different angles and distances to see what works best in bottle shooter.

To make the bottle game more engaging, it can have different levels or stages with increasing difficulty. Players can progress through the levels by knocking down more bottles or achieving higher scores in slingshot battle. This can add a sense of accomplishment and motivation for players to keep playing.

Ready to become the ultimate bottle-shattering champion? Download Bottle Shooting Slingshot Game today and experience the thrill of the slingshot like never before.

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