Insta Hashtag (Real-Time) - اینستا

Insta Hashtag (Real-Time) - اینستا

Version 4.3
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Tip: All effective hashtags are instantly counted for you, and the cost you pay is spent on the processor server of this app.


If you ever have the question "Which Hashtags should I write below my posts?" This app is useful for you.


What does the program do exactly?

1) Firstly input a hashtag (in any language) related to your content.

2) The online program checks all the hashtags published alongside your input in other posts through the Instagram social network (approximately 4,000) and then You will receive about 30 common hashtags at that moment .


By using this program you will make your post more popular. Because the use of common hashtags related to your contents (especially related to the time) will expose you to more users.


No database has been saved in this program, and all results are being counted online at the same time.


Tip: Instagram only allows 30 hashtags per post, and this app also displays the top 30 hashtags.


The program support button, titled Instagram Consulting, is embedded in the application.

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