Brick Blast Ball

Brick Blast Ball

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Shoot the ball. Break the brick. Super simple. Instantly fun.

The two super classic games brick breaker and bubble shooter are now in a perfect combination.

Start with one ball. Take the endless adventure of a brick breaker. The ball can bounce to damage many bricks and reduce their health. Collect all the balls in your way by shooting circles that balls are in. The more ball, the more power. Do not let brick defeat you. Break all bricks to get a pass. Prove your strength in the top of champion ball brick breakers.

★ Free to play
★ Endless, relaxed gameplay, perfect time killer
★ No wifi, no problem, you can play offline anywhere, anytime
★ Easy to play, simple rule, play by one hand, easy to aim at anywhere on screen
★ Score competition with friends and all players all over the world
★ Social functions: Facebook Leaderboard, check score of your Facebook friends

How To Play:
* Swipe your finger down to shoot bricks and reduce their durability to zero
* Aim carefully to get right angle
* Try to break as many bricks as possible
* Shoot the white circle to increase the number of balls
* You can make infinity ball chain.
* Each round more powerful bricks will come
* Just one brick fall to ground. You Die!

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