Wood Block Puzzle

Wood Block Puzzle

نسخه ۳.۶
نصب فعال

Wood Block Puzzle is a classic and addictive puzzle block game!
Block Puzzle is a fun puzzle game for all adults and children. It is simple, but difficult to master.
You can play this wood style block puzzle to relax and train your brain. More crush wood blocks,more score.
Completely free and not need Wifi. Once you start, you will be more like this classic wood block puzzle games.

How to play wood block puzzle?
* Drag wood block to fill up the grids
* Wood Blocks can't be rotated.
* There is no mobile block end of the game

Why choose this wood block puzzle?
* Beautiful Wood style scene
* Fun and classic brick game
* Totally free puzzle game and not need Wifi
* Support leaderboard
* Funny and colorful wood puzzle game
* Free retro block puzzle for all ages and skill levels.

Wood Block Puzzle is not only a classic puzzle block game,but a challenging puzzle game.
Now try to enjoy this classic block puzzle games!

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