Doa Ramazan

Doa Ramazan

Version bazaar-0.5
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💠 In the name of God, merciful and merciful

Ramadan daily prayer program with beautiful design

📒 Program features:

📋 Live broadcast of Karbala

📋 Turn on the screen

📋 Change font size and size of Persian and Arabic font

📋 Picture gallery

📋 Save settings

  📌 The sources of all the contents are mentioned in the program.

📌 Photos are saved after sharing in the path below.

📌 Memory path: mnt / Mehr Soft / doaramazan

🔔 Note: In this program, advertisements have been used, and a very small amount of the user's Internet volume is reduced due to the loading of advertisements.

✉️ Undoubtedly, there is a problem with the existing software. If you have comments and suggestions, send an email to to improve the program.

💻 Design and programming: Mehr Soft

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