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With the dedicated RoboMaster app, multi-platform interactions and various operation methods for the RoboMaster S1 are supported, along with rich educational resources and several competition modes.

- Multi-Platform Use
The RoboMaster app even allows users with different systems to play together at the same time.

- Various Operation Methods
The S1 can be operated using a computer or a smart device via the touchscreen, gyro, and gamepad.

-Flexible Programming & Sharing
Write programs easily and apply them or share with friends in an instant all using the RoboMaster app.

- Flexible Gameplay
Games and competitions were designed to allow a high degree of freedom and creative options. Use custom Vision Markers and parameters, and even design your own gameplay area.

-Access to Course Learning
Users can access Project-Based courses and videos to expand their knowledge and gain key insights into the world of robotics.