Screen Light Table Lamp

Screen Light Table Lamp

Version 5.0.0
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Category Tools
Size 7 MB
Last Update 2023 May 17
Screen Light Table Lamp

Screen Light Table Lamp

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Version 5.0.0
Install +1 K
Category Tools
Size 7 MB
Last Update 2023 May 17
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Table Lamp | Reading Light | Night Lamp | Relaxing nature sounds.

Bring peace and comfort to your daily life with this Table Lamp: Relax & Sleep well app! This all-in-one app transforms your smartphone into a versatile and portable table lamp with additional features to enhance your relaxation and reading experience.

With its bright and adjustable screen, you can create the perfect lighting environment for any situation. Whether you need a night light for bedtime reading, a backup light source in case of power outages, or a bright source of light on the go, the Screen Light Table Lamp app has got you covered.

Key features of the app include:

Screen Light for sleeping
If you don't like your night to be completely dark, you can use this screen light table lamp beside your bed as a bedside lamp before sleeping. This night lamp will make your night more comfortable.

Alternative Flash Light
You can use this app as an alternative to Flash Light.
Super LED flashlight with very easy controls.

Relaxing Nature Sounds
The app can be used not only for light but also for relaxation. High-quality soothing sounds of nature can help you relax and sleep better. It has night & forest sounds, waves, rain & thunder, brook, chimes, and birds singing sounds.

Book Reading Light
Using this reading light app you can read books in the dark. This app can be a very good night reading light for study. You can adjust the brightness intensity and color. It also has a sleep timer option so you can use it and fall asleep while reading, without worrying about your phone's battery draining out.

Book Reading Bookmark
While reading books with this book reading light app you can keep track of your reading progress of multiple books. So much easy to enter a book’s page number and update pages.

Personalized Profile
From now on, you can save your favorite color, brightness, and music as a profile so that you can go to your desired app environment with just 1 click. You don't need to remember your favorite brightness level, color, and music, just save your profile and use it.

Personal Moment
Spend your personal moment in a cool dramatic environment by using this Lamp. You can easily set your desired color to make your personal moment more beautiful.

Meditation Time
Soft light meditation helps to improve your mental stability and inner peace. The Screen Light Table Lamp app will help to make a nice environment with diminished light. You can easily use the brightness dimmer or change color.

Color Preset
There is some cool and gentle color presets in the app regarding the color wheel. You can easily change the color by swiping left and right. By default following preset color lights are given.
Color screen lights available: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Magenta.

Light's color customization
In this screen light high-quality app, you can create your desired color light by choosing the custom color from a palette. Multiple custom colors can be used.

This screen light brightness app has the easiest way to control brightness, set a timer/sleep timer, change colors, and so much more.

For what you can use this app
✔️ Reading Light
✔️ Perfect Timer
✔️ Ultra Brightness
✔️ Night Lamp
✔️ Dim Light
✔️ Dim Light for Sleeping
✔️ Screen Light Display
✔️ Screen Flash Light
✔️ Relaxing Nature Sounds
✔️ Screen Light with Music
✔️ Night Lamp
✔️ Display Light
✔️ Lamp

➡️➡️➡️Download the Screen Light Table Lamp app today and enjoy a unique and personalized lighting experience! Use a brightness dimmer, listen to relaxing nature sounds, or even use it as a sleep timer - Setup a perfect bedside light! This app is a must-have for anyone who values relaxation, convenience, and great lighting

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