Profile Maker for Instagram

Profile Maker for Instagram

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Now you can easily convert your selfies to an album photo by taking pictures directly

Ever wanted to
☆ know your friend's birthday without directly asking her/him?
☆ remember the birthday of your favorite person (family member, friend, athlete, actor or music idol,...) without hassle?
☆ collect all your loved ones' birthdays in a beautiful cards album, each birthday printed on its owner's photo and wrapped in a nice frame?
☆ see a breakdown of the birthday cards by month, so that you can find out how many birthday presents you are going to buy in a chosen month?
☆ share any photo right from the album on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

If any is true,
take this app as a brew
If none is the true,
thanks for not feeling a blue


How the app works
✓ It guesses any birthday by asking to select as many tables matching day, month and year figures of birth in just 5 questions. While your friend is surprised how the app has done the trick, it takes hidden photo of her and prints the date on it using your font of interest and wraps it in a nice preselected frame. This processed photo is then automatically added to the birthday cards album.
✓ You can also build your birthday cards album manually by taking photo with the camera or selecting a photo and then entering the birth date. A total of 26 frames and 20 custom fonts with millions of colors may spice up the work here. The size and position of the text can also be readily changed to you interest.
✓ You may access the image files in the birthday cards album also through the app's folder on your storage directory.
✓ You can share any album photo directly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
✓ For you to never forget any birthday, you can add your album photos as your contact photos. Having done this, you will see a screen wide of your contact's image with the birthday printed on it when a call is made.
✓ Any custom photo can also be easily added to or removed from your contacts in a hassle-free way using the buttons of the entry screen. You will find how conveniently this suits you only after comparing it with the built-in Contacts application.

* The app is optimized for 7" and 10" tablets as well as phones.
* Ambilwarna Color Picker, which is an open source library under Apache 2.0, is used in this work:
* If your device does not have front camera, the part of the app dealing with picture taking will obviously not work, even though the rest of the app is still useable.
* Please take much care in selecting the tables that match the questions: ONE, SOME or ALL relevant tables MUST be selected. The guessing algorithm works 100% correctly, so please check your answers more carefully in case of seeming inaccuracy.
* Please leave us feedback and rate the app. We want to see you happy using it.

Nobody's perfect, neither do we, 
but we'll try our best of we can be

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