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👍Make the same smart choice as 600+ Million users do👍, just try DU Battery Saver, a light but smart battery saver app with 5+ years of experience and expertise that can extends your battery life up to 80%🔋.

🏆Why DU Battery Saver - Battery Charger & Battery Life was so loved by 600+ million people?🏆
🖲️One-Tap Battery Saver
- Save your battery power and optimize battery usage with just 1 Tap, longer the phone battery life up to 80% in Advanced Saving mode.
🗑Junk Cleaner
- Identify your phone trash accurately and clean up to 1,200 MB junk quickly every time.
❄️Phone Cooler
- Detect phone temperature, make power-consuming apps dormant and cool down your phone effectively.

💪Powerful functions💪

🌟 One-Tap Battery Saver & Battery Optimizer & Battery Saver
One-Touch Battery Saver - Just One Tap to save power,Instantly find and fix battery power consumption problems, effectively clean up the power consuming application to help you optimize the battery health. Indicate how much battery power will be saved if you use One-Tap Battery Saver;

🌟 Power Save Up To 60% & Extend Battery Life
Battery Saver - With years of experience and expertise, make power consuming applications dormant completely and extend battery life up to 80% max;

🌟 Battery Monitor & Battery Saver
Battery Monitor - Measure battery usage and monitor all apps that drain power while not in use and remind user about high power consuming apps in order to extend battery life and optimize battery health. Monitor all running-apps' power consumption and list the detail to the app manager, Battery Monitor, clearly shows the status of battery life and usage;

🌟 Battery Saver Widget
Our "Task Killer” battery saver widget will optimize your power consumption conveniently. The 4x1 widget makes it easier to manage Wifi, Data, Brightness, etc, and set power saving modes;

🌟 Phone Cooler
Cool Down - Accurate detection of phone temperature and battery status, provide high temperature warning notice, help to extend battery life and maintain the status of battery health;

🌟 Junk Cleaner
Junk Cleaner - Junk Cleaner can quickly identify and clean up your phone trash, make the phone cleaner by removing up to 1,200 Megabytes of garbage on average;

🌟 Healthy Battery Charge
Healthy Battery Charge - Real-time monitoring mobile phone charging status, protection of battery health;

🌟 Super Long Standby mode
Battery Mode - Super long standby power saving mode, sleep mode, custom power saving mode, effective extension of battery life;

🌟 APP Protection
APP Lock - Protect your privacy and security. Use a secure password or pattern lock screen to keep your Android device safe and private;

🌟 Wi-Fi Security Inspection
Wi-Fi Security Inspection - Scan available free Wi-Fi with single tap and protect your phone from any network attacks and keep your personal data safe;

🌟 Enjoy the colorful battery skin
Battery Skin - You can add your favorite battery skin, including landscapes, animals and other colorful skin;

DU Battery Saver & Battery Monitor & Battery Life & Healthy Battery Charge is the simplest and easiest way to keep your Android phone working well when you need it, and protect against poor charging, battery hogging apps, and overlooked device settings that shorten your battery life.DU Battery Saver is a 100% FREE and GREEN Battery Saver App. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact us and join us in making DU Battery Saver better.

More questions about DU Battery Saver - Battery Charger & Battery Life? Contact us at feedback@duapps.com

Our app uses Accessibility services under certain condition to enable advanced functions and improve your experience.


  • re-order running apps
  • set alarm
  • com.dianxinos.dxbs.permission.CLOSEAPP
  • android.permission.ACCESS_NOTIFICATION_POLICY
  • prevent device from sleeping
  • full Internet access
  • retrieve running apps
  • measure app storage space
  • control vibration
  • install shortcut
  • kill background processes
  • run at startup
  • close other apps
  • toggle sync on and off
  • read sync settings
  • change network connectivity
  • view network connections
  • access Bluetooth settings
  • pair with Bluetooth devices
  • connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
  • view Wi-Fi connections
  • read battery statistics
  • read phone status and identity
  • find accounts on the device
  • modify/delete SD card contents
  • draw over other apps
  • modify system settings

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موبایل مگ: DU Battery Saver؛ افزایش عمر باتری تلفن های اندرویدی

DU Battery Saver ابزاری رایگان بوده که برای سیستم عامل اندروید در دسترس است و می توانید آن را از فروشگاه ها دریافت و نصب کنید. به کمک این برنامه می توانید مشکلات خود در زمینه کمبود شارژ را تا حدی کاهش دهید. رابط کاربری این برنامه شامل یک پس زمینه تقریبا سرمه ای می شود که شکل مدرنی به خود گرفته است، با این حال نمی توان در طراحی اینترفیس آن استانداردهای متریال دیزاین مشاهده کرد...

DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver, the world’s leading battery saver and Android power doctor & manager, is a FREE battery saving app that makes your battery last longer!