war on frozen land2

war on frozen land2

Version 4.6.6
Install +10 K
Category Action
Size 78 MB
Last Update 2021 May 14
war on frozen land2

war on frozen land2

Dezi LLC
Version 4.6.6
Install +10 K
Category Action
Size 78 MB
Last Update 2021 May 14
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**Note: This is a game and is not affiliated with "Frozen"
But inspired by Disney's Frozen

There is a war that you have to finish All levels and you save Elsa
Elsa is stolen in the frozen land and Sven wants to rescue her
You have the task of directing sven to save Elsa from the enemies.

Sven and Kristoff do their best to destroy all enemies, so you have control over them, and guide them to success.

They try to save Elsa, But to do so, they have to go through many obstacles and steps and destroy enemy soldiers.
There are snow-monster at each stage that prevent them from reaching the end of the stage
And they have to defeat him, too
This is a Action & Adventure game and War on frozen land that has been downloaded for millions of times and its versions will be released as often.

This is Frozen war and Kristoff shooter who shoot to soldiers
And olaf dances with the music

And this game is on the Top New Games table
Sven and Kristoff have to go through forests and fires to get to the end of the stage

So that it can successfully complete the process
You guide them in the right direction
Shooting Soldiers will cause a loss in points in the game
Fighting the Marshmallow snow-monster is another challenge
Frozen is a Free game and fun.
Sven can collect Gems and get 1000 points with each Gem
Game features include:
Precise goal
High focus
Game addiction for gamer
The more you go to the higher LEVELS , the more difficult the game gets
*** Has the cheapest in-app payment

Do not worry about in-app payments
This game is very low cost
In this game there is only one in-app payment
that is also optional
So play safely and enjoy the game
**** Merry Christmas
Contact Us: Info@dezionline.com

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شکوفه سیاه
شکوفه سیاه
خیلی خیلی بده اصلا نصب نکنید یه ستاره هم خیلی زیاده
اصلا نصب نکنید نمیاره گوشی تون رو خراب میکنه 😤👹😤😤😡👿 یک ستاره دادم تا نظرم ثبت شه
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