Silent Mode Toggle

Silent Mode Toggle

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- No ads displayed
- No unnecessary permissions required
- Small app size

- A range of customization options including background style, color, transparency and size
- The option to use your own images
- Choose the toggle order
- Choose the Do Not Disturb mode to use when switching to silent

For Oreo (8.0) and above:
- Toggle options to switch to priority mode
- Option to switch modes directly from your lock screen or status bar. This requires the 'Listener service' option to be enabled.

*** General questions ***

Why doesn't the icon update when the ringer mode is changed from outside the app?
From Oreo (8.0) and above, the way apps receive certain notifications has changed. The workaround is to enable the 'Listener service' option which will listen for ringer mode changes made outside the app.

Why does a notification bar appear when I enable the 'Listener service' option?
This is due to Android behavioral changes that by default will show a notification in the status bar and lock screen. The notification can be manually hidden using the 'Notification settings' option or alternatively you can use it to switch modes directly from your lock screen or status bar.

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