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The Musicema application has been created by the support of "Musicema" Analytical News Agency (the most popular and influential Internet media for Iranian music) as well as the capacities of local experts. Using this application, you can have access to the largest audiovisual archive of Iranian compositions and be the first to be able to listen to your popular artists' single tracks.
These single tracks have been made available to us by the consent of their respective artists and are published in compliance with copyright laws.
The most distinctive features of the Musicema application are as follows:

Beautiful, eye-catching design based on the latest world technology;

Access to the largest online national music archive at any time or place;

The real-time playing of audiovisual content at whatever Internet speed;

The downloadability of all audiovisual content on your smartphones or tablets to be used offline;

The option of making personal playlists;

The option of viewing song lyrics;

The option of liking favorite songs and music videos;

The option of posting comments and personal opinions under each song or music video;

Among many other features…

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