Assistant cook

Assistant cook

Version v1.1
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Assistant chef in the kitchen of your hopes that with the help of your guest room and enjoy cooking.


Some of the features of the program:

- Simple design and beautiful

- Quick Search and Advanced

- Sharing food procurement training

- More than 300 photos of food

- With the lowest volume possible


* Some training:

- Preparation of hot and cold drinks

- The production of acetic and

- Preparation of Desserts

- Preparation of cakes

- Preparation of traditional popular foods

- Prepare all kinds of food Nations

- Preparation of the food

- Prepare a variety of meat dishes

- Preparation of ice cream

- Preparation of simple food

- Providing a variety of fast food

- Preparation of roast

- Has nuances of cooking


Next to update stay with us ....


Your constructive feedback is highly welcome guest


* Resources used in the program:

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