School Lunchbox Food Maker - Cooking Game

School Lunchbox Food Maker - Cooking Game

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It's time to back to school. Is your school lunch food ready to take? Hurry!! Let's make one together. Grab some Sandwich, French Fries, Juice and other more side dishes as your main dish! We're going to make the ultimate lunch food. This game leaves your kid in the kitchen all alone and lets him/her prepare his/her own lunchbox. There are dozens of delightful experiences which the kids will undergo while making the lunchbox.

Start making food and prepare your school lunchbox and decorate it with scrumptious lunch food like high school cafeteria. If you love playing juice maker or lunch box maker cooking games you will enjoy this fun school games for sure.

School Lunchbox Food Maker Game Features:
- Amazing different fast food to enjoy this lunch box maker game
- Make Sandwich using verious ingredients to make it delicious
- Make variety of fruit juice in this food maker game
- Chop potatoes and fry them over stove to make yummy french fries
- Cook delicious cuisine with various cooking ingredients
- Decorate kinds of lunch food & Design the lunch box in your own style.
- Very Interactive and intuitive controls & graphics to play the game.

This is an amazing food cooking game. Not only the children but the parents are also love this game. The brilliant graphics and beautifully simulated cooking world is going to make it more fun. Just download this game and take control of your lunch box right away.

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