Charger Removal, Battery 100% Alarm

Charger Removal, Battery 100% Alarm

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Full Battery Charged & Battery 100% Alarm

Battery 100 % Alarm is application built for your cell phone safety and security of your phone battery many people put their phone on charge and forget to remove it from charging Overcharging your cell phone is not good for the health of mobile phone battery and also waste of electricity of your country and overcharging battery is making battery life less now using our application Battery Full Charge Alert you can easily avoid your phone from overcharging and save the phone battery. You just enable Full Battery Charge Notification and put your mobile phone on charge when phone battery is full your cell phone start alarming and stop when you click on deactivate button this is battery saver application.
Full Charge Alarm, lets you know when your battery is 100% Charged so you can unplug your phone/tablet.

Charger Unplug Alarm

Charger Unplugged Alert application is used for mobile phone safety and security many times when we are on public places, we put over cell phone on charge and someone stole over phone very easily now you can catch theft very easily using Charger Unplugged Alert application if anyone try to unplug your phone from charging your phone starts alarming and can’t stop until you can enter pin if you applied pin on it.
Many times, we also faced this problem in our office or home that over friends or family member remove over mobile device from charging and place their own phone on charge with permission so whenever they try to unplug over phone form charging Remove Charger Alert Alarm starts so after that they never try to remove your cell phone from charging.

Anti-Theft Alarm

Don’t Touch My Cell Phone application is developed by Phone safety and security so no can touch your mobile phone and you can easily track who is touching your mobile device many people place their phone on any place and anyone touch your mobile device motion alarm start and you can easily catch your theft this application is best for your mobile phone Security.
Motion Alarm application all you need to activate Anti-Theft Motion Alarm in your mobile device using start button and place your phone on a fixed place so if anyone try to touch your mobile device Phone Mobile Alarm Security start and your phone start alarming and you can trace the person who is trying to misuse your cell phone you can easily trace it. Many people faced problem in family and friends that they misuse phone with permission and check private data of your mobile device so this application Prevent Mobile Phone Theft helps you to resolve this issue
Features Available in Don’t Touch Application
Select Tone
You can select tone from the available tones all built in tones are available you can set any tone that you want to add and you can add any new tone of your choice
Secret Code
Four-digit PIN code is also available in Anti-Theft Security and Charger-Alert application you can enter four-digit pin and whenever you need to stop alarm you enter that PIN Code
Flashlight & Vibrate
You can select vibrate and flashlight feature when alarm start flash and mobile vibration also started
Counter Duration
Charger Removal and Battery full charge application you need to select Counter duration after how many seconds your feature start
How to Use
Anti-Theft Mobile Alarm and Charger Unplug application first of all you have to select the feature three features are available you just click on a feature that you want to use you can also select multiple features at a time after selecting features all you need to start the feature and when alarm start you click on stop button and deactivate the motion alarm.
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