Best Body Shape

Best Body Shape

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Make everyone jealous with best body shaping photo editor

Do you want to quickly fix your photos to give your the perfect body shape?

Get the tight figure, show off your slim physique, have the blissful vibe.

Get Sculpted Legs, Arms, and Abs, look amazing while vacationing.

Look amazing, Look Fit

Best Body Shaping App allows you to quickly fix your figure and Body Parts
[Main features]
+ Body Shaping - Waist and hip correction will shape your fantastic body.
+ Slim down - Get a slim physique, sculpted legs, arms and Abs
+ Thighs - Sculpt your thighs
+ Eyes - For selfies you can enlarge your Eyes and look beautiful.

Best Body Shape is very easy to use and with simple tools
- Enlarge - Tap Body Part to Enlarge
- Compress - Tap Body Part to Compress
- Drag - Drag body part to Enlarge/Compress Side ways
- Erase Brush - Undo any effect by touching the body part

With Best Body Shaping App, be the queen/king of perfect body shape photos, and everyone’s favorite Instagrammer.

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