Color By Number - Color Match

Color By Number - Color Match

Version 1083
Install +10
Category Education
Size 145 MB
Last Update 2024 March 24
Color By Number - Color Match

Color By Number - Color Match

Loop Games A.S.
Version 1083
Install +10
Category Education
Size 145 MB
Last Update 2024 March 24
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More Info

Color by Number - Color Match is a coloring game based on painting the image by numbers with your own hands. Choose the landscape image you want and enjoy the painting, which contains many exciting and interesting drawings on various themes.

Color by Number - Color Match is Simple and easy!

1. Start the level
2. Click on one of the numbers.
3. Click on the grayed-out part of the image to match it with the number color.
4. Use hints on the top right corner if you need to.

Color by Number - Color Match is an exciting free coloring game, an art drawing game to paint by tiled numbers. This playful coloring book is for all age groups. This coloring game has many different themes of unique sceneries, such as delicious foods, glamorous cars, cute animals, relaxing landscapes, mandala, various flowers, sports, camping, outdoor, indoor, nature, etc.

With Color by Number - Color Match Paint by hand with the displayed numbers and have an enjoyable puzzle experience with relaxing pictures. Enjoy this astonishing sunset in one painting while, on another level, painting a table full of delicious foods that you will never know how the time pass. Easily paint the areas designated by numbers with the color fill animation. This free coloring game will relax your brain and strengthen your attention.

Satisfy your artistic side by choosing an exciting picture or drawing to paint, easily using the color by numbers method.

Try it now, draw and paint fantastic drawings with an easy canvas that helps you on your dreamful drawing journey.

You will not notice how the time passes with the easy-going mechanics while making your playing easier and more fun with the hint of power-up in the game.

You can continue with your paintings or experience the pleasure and freedom of repainting with the order you want. You will be happy to create a perfect picture collection page with the pictures you have finished.

Color by Number - Color Match Features

Online and Offline play
You can easily play Color by Number - Color Match online or offline. As you don’t need the internet to enjoy the game.

Autosave your game
You can always return to your unfinished gameplay (drawing or painting) and find yourself exactly where you lift off. With Match color you can always take a break and come back later.

Start from where ever you want, you choose the way of playing
With Color by Number - Color Match you can start from any number you wish to, you can start with number 1 or number 20, it’s your choice.

Hint power-up that is always there for you to help
Also, with Match color, we’ve got your back. Whenever you can’t find a small area you need to color, just hit the hints icon in the top right corner.

You can always re-do the levels you loved painting.
If you loved painting or coloring a drawing, you can always go back and do it again.

Regularly Updated
Color by Number - Color Match updates its artworks on a regular basis for you to paint by number. We also update our images for seasons, holidays & festivals e.g Christmas, Easter Day, Good Friday, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and many more.

This colorful relaxing game has no time limits or competitions to distract your attention from your daily tasks. You can play this coloring game anytime & anywhere to relax your mind.

Enjoy Color by Number - Color Match the exciting puzzle game with interesting drawings. You only have top paint by numbers. Click on the number, then paint the grayed-out areas with the same color the number has.

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