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Optimize your device with LetsClean. It’s a convenient system booster, junk cleaner, battery saver, and CPU cooler. With LetsClean your system will run faster and stay charged longer.
This app is the perfect choice to manage your phone and tablet. Use these functions regularly to keep your device healthy:
Boost the System
The app will show how much free space remains on your device. Optimize the memory to make your phone and tablet run smoothly and fast. LetsClean deletes cache, browser history, temporary files, clipboard content, and other files that slow down your phone or tablet.
Clean the Junk
With LetsClean you will never run out of storage space all of a sudden. Store as many pictures, videos, and apps as you want! Use LetsClean to delete trash files, apps you don`t need, or use seldom. Remember that the more junk you remove, the easier it will be to use the device.
Cooldown the CPU
Protect your phone or tablet from overheating. High temperature running may reduce the speed of your device. Use the CPU cooler feature to lower the temperature and stabilize your system. LetsClean will shut down all apps that heat your device and bring it to the normal functioning.
Save the battery
Battery saver detects and closes apps that consume too much power. With LetsClean you won’t have to worry that your phone or tablet may turn off at the wrong moment.
LetsClean has a simple and clear design. Thanks to the user-friendly approach, it will be easy to boost any device in a few clicks.
Protect your system from trash files and overheating. Download LetsClean and start optimization of your device right now.