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Escape the falling objects on a completely intelligent land with your ship!

The more you react, the more points you get !! For more experience and benchmarking, classic, infinite, and challenging modes are ready.

The daily, weekly, and weekly crash falls on the way to online competition and events that are triggered by their behaviors are monitored and responsive to your behavior. The region you are in is quite intelligent and the smart event inside it is for all users uniformly. Enabled and all players playing experience an event.

The ships inside the shop have different shapes, all of which have a turbo, speed, and handling system. You have the task of guiding the spacecraft and reacting to the environment. Take care of your ship in the best way. Effects to fit. The remains of falling objects do not have the chance to survive.

In the collapse of a fully interactive experience alongside the sweet Persian language with the environment, the style of the design of SCI-FI (science fiction) and the Cyberpunk will add a new experience and the music played to calm you (watch out for music with sharp rhythms The risk is near you)

Each different mode of play gives you a new experience, and the standings are segmented for each mode, which tests and measures the players. The MMR system in the game evaluates and calculates the result of all the players' activities, and shows the total reactions Players will be shown to everyone in their own name. Check your reaction.

To share points and reactions in your name, the registration section inside the game will change and compete among the players with their names.

Persian language and the ability to control graphics (lowering graphics manually) and using day and night mode to help the user experience as much as possible. So be ready to compete, which is not a reason to check your reaction!

Game features:

Full support for Siri Persian Language
Has an online standings and an MMR smart system.
Worldwide events that are uniform for all players.
Hourly gift about your reactions and activities.
Shop is completely free with different spaceships
Different classic, challenging and infinite modes and the world of children
A completely intelligent and responsive land to your reactions
Has a manual graphical control system for more compatibility with fewer devices
Automatic night and day system for less damage to the health of players' eyes
Detailed Guide to the different parts of it and its explanations
Graphics in the style of SCI-Fi and Cyberpunk
In the new releases of this group, all coins obtained from each game can be used in all games.

## In order to enhance the experience of players in case of any problem, bug and error, put it in the program with us to quickly solve it. ##

If you have a low-end phone, lower the game's graphics settings

** Hope you enjoy the game **

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