Cast for Chromecast & TV Cast

Cast for Chromecast & TV Cast

Version 124
Install +20 K
Category Education
Size 39 MB
Last Update 2023 December 1
Cast for Chromecast & TV Cast

Cast for Chromecast & TV Cast

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Version 124
Install +20 K
Category Education
Size 39 MB
Last Update 2023 December 1
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Cast for Chromecast & TV Cast helps you easily cast your phone to TV quickly. Cast to TV app also helps you enjoy your library on any kind of smart tv like Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, Samsung, LG TV, and more.

Cast for Chromecast & TV Cast is a Chromecast-enabled app that allows users to mirror phone screens, and cast or stream web videos to their Chromecast TV or any smart TVs. With this app, you can cast your music, local photos/videos, and online videos on the TV with a bigger screen. You can also watch your favorite TV shows, live streams and play games on the big screen, and screen mirroring your mobile device to your Home TV.

Screen mirroring & TV Cast can show all your photos, videos, games, and other apps on a bigger screen with the same wifi connection. It is a perfect application for sharing, streaming content with high quality and real-time speed. You can also search and easily stream your favorite TV shows anytime on your TV screen through screen mirroring. Cast to tv app allows screen mirroring for Chromecast: you can cast videos, photos from your phone to Chromecast.

This TV Cast app will assist you in screen mirroring your phone screen on a smart TV. Enable TV screen mirroring and with the smart cast to start the practice of fitness exercises on the TV screen. Screen share and TV connect to mobile to present your presentation with the live stream with a large reflective screen.

You can not only cast web browser to tv, but also local video, photo slideshow, and music. Cast to Chromecast, Fire TV, and other smart TVs with no feature limited.

Cast for Chromecast is a smart tv screen cast & share tool for screen mirroring and real-time audio or video streaming from your Android phone's screen or tablet.

Screen Mirroring & TV Cast is now available for all Chromecast products including Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, and TVs with Chromecast built-in.

Supported devices:
• Chromecast
• Roku
• FireTV, Xbox
• Smart TVs: Sony, Samsung, LG TV,...

Key Features:
• Easily cast to TV by phone.
• Screen Mirroring your phone to TV
• Control Smart TV by phone
• Cast photo, video,... to Smart TV
• Experience music, playing the game on the bigger screen.
• Screen mirroring: Mirror phone screen to Chromecast in realtime with the highest video quality.
• Watch your movies on Chromecast TV.
• Stream phone's camera to Chromecast.
• Screen share exercise videos on your home TV to improve your workouts.
• Screen Mirroring the entire phone screen, including games and other common mobile apps, to the TV.

How to use:
• Step 1: Your phone and Smart TV must be connected to the same Wi-Fi
• Step 2: Enable Wireless Display and Miracast on your TV
• Step 3: Choose and Connect to your Smart TV on the phone screen
• Step 4: You are ready to use. Try out every feature of our app!!

This app is not affiliated with Google or any other brands mentioned.

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