Candy World: Craft

Candy World: Craft

Version 1.6.6
Install +50 K
Category Action
Size 46 MB
Last Update 2022 December 9
Candy World: Craft

Candy World: Craft

Candy Room Games & RabbitCo
Version 1.6.6
Install +50 K
Category Action
Size 46 MB
Last Update 2022 December 9
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Dear players. This game is under active development.
We will be happy to hear your suggestions for the development of the game.
We will try to take into account all your ideas in future updates.

Candy World is a beautiful and exciting sandbox with adventure elements.
You are the Hero of this fairy tale, where you have to save animals, explore mountains, seas and caves.
Diverse flora and fauna will make you immerse yourself in this fantasy story for a long time.
Complete quests and collect coins with beans in Story Mode, and build the world of your dreams in Creative.
Make friends with your favorite character and go out with him!
Become a fashion designer and dress up the characters to your liking!
Visit the big royal castle and sky islands.
Don't forget to collect bonuses!

Building and Creative:
You have hundreds of different and colored blocks in your inventory.
Use them to build a building of any complexity.
You can also use blueprints to build structures automatically.
Convenient management of your locations in the menu.

Clothing Constructor:
There are 3 types of items in the game: hats, backpacks and boots.
And there are also many variations of each type, absolutely for different tastes.
Design your clothes using color palettes and patterns.
You will be surprised by the large number of settings in the editor.

Missions and Goal of the game:
By completing tasks you get coins.
For coins, you can create clothes, buy cube skins and blocks.
Also look for hares - they are generous with beans. For beans you can buy exclusive items.
There are many hidden chests in which you can find quite a few coins and beans.
Having earned a lot of coins, you can acquire the most interesting blocks and build pixel worlds.

Game Features:
- Cool Shaders
- Saturated wildlife
- Hundreds of colorful blocks
- Lots of modern skins
- Ability to fly and swim
- Interesting quests
- Convenient control
- Storyline and missions
- Information tutorial
- Flexible game and graphics settings
- Optimization for weak devices
- Support for different languages

At your disposal is a tutorial that will help you understand the game in more detail.
We wish you a lot of fun with our game!

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4.3 from 5
Unnamed User
Unnamed User
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