BrainZ - Brain Train Logical Game

BrainZ - Brain Train Logical Game

Version 2.3
Install +10
Category Puzzle
Size 27 MB
Last Update 2021 July 8
BrainZ - Brain Train Logical Game

BrainZ - Brain Train Logical Game

Brain Train Games Studio
Version 2.3
Install +10
Category Puzzle
Size 27 MB
Last Update 2021 July 8
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Brain Trainer app game to quick exercise to your brain test and mind short term memory , focus , concentration , speed and accuracy.
It has over 70 levels or brain training and arithmetic games.

Main intellectual skill objetives:

💡 Multitasking brain training
💡 Quick Search brain training
💡 Maths brain test training
💡 Memory Power Training
💡 Focus brain training
💡 Colors Vs Brain
💡 Left Brain versus Right Brain
💡 Remember images and patterns.
💡 Mix colors.
💡 Concentration exercises
💡 Quick Decision levels
💡 Grid Memory Challenge
💡 Listening Memory
💡 Word Memory Challenge
💡 Concentration your mind
💡 Arithmetic operations

If you aim is make an IQ test this is game is really good for warm up!

Each level tests your skills and abilities to their peak.
After each level, your results are ranked between 1 and 5 Bulbs.
With bulbs, you can retry from the current round, pass a round or pass a level.

Other features / Objetives:

🧠 Improve your memory
🧠 Increase your accuracy
🧠 Train your reflexes
🧠 Increase your speed
🧠 Prove your touch ability
🧠 Learn color coordination

We update our game every month by adding around 10 to 20 exiciting new levels. Stay tunned!

💡 Multitasking skill
Increase your brain multitasking capability by playing this.
Questions will be displayed and time bar will start. Then good luck!
Try to get max score on each level!

💡 Quick Search skill
Increase your brain searching skills by playing this levels. You whould find, numbers, letters, cards and much more!

💡 Math or Arithmetic Skills
Add,subtract,multiply, check fast if a number is bigger or smaller, play with odd and even numbers etc.

💡 Focus Skill
Increase your focus by controlling your attention. Many levels will challenge this skill.

💡 Color Vs Brain
Color List will be displayed for few seconds and colors will be be shuffled, remember the colors by putting full concentration before shuffle and arrange them in same order by dragging the items

💡 Memory Power test
Remember the objects which displays only few seconds and reenter them in same sequence.
This exercise defiantly challenges you memory power

💡 Left Vs Right Brain
Balancing Left and Right brains are very important, playing this game will train your brain on balancing activities.

If you wanna keep your brain active and you take care about your intellect this is a good step!

Ready to take up a brain challenge now?

Download this free app – BrainZ - Logical Brain Game now!

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