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Forget forgetfulness forever and believe in brain power.
Did you hear Leitner Box? Have you ever used it? Leitner method is one of the best ways to learn in the world which works based on repetition that transfers Contents of short-term memory to your long-term memory. Brain Power Leitner box software with many features will help that make learning easy and enjoyable by using your visual memory and this way you can make hard things easy and attractive to remember.
We recommend it to all students and the one who want to attend any entrance exam. Therefore unhelpful time will become useful for you.
Unique features of this program include:
1 – Adding images to the card through Drawing a picture or using the gallery and camera. In this way you use your visual memory that would be more interesting.
2 – Changing Leitner method to one-week method and two- weeks method. Good for the time just before exams.
3 - Persian language support even for the devices which are not routed that do not support Persian language.
4 – Change language to English and Persian
Other features:
5 - Cards can be grouped to review separately.
6 - The possibility of adding a flash card via CSV file and txt file(e.g. we have placed the download link of CSV file for 504 Words Essential vocabulary. You can download the program simply and add 504 words and review them easily )
7 – Backup and Recovery
8 – Word pronunciation if you have TTC service on your phone.
9 - Viewing and Editing Card
10 –Free review
11 – Viewing date in Hijri format and Julian
12 – Resetting cards
13 - View memorized archives Cards
14 – Night mode in review mode
15. Display Reviews , true answer and wrong answer numbers for each card
16. Possible to review cards randomly
Note : If you have some Persian words in your CSV or TXT file , save it in UTF-8 Unicode , otherwise you will face some problems for displaying Persian words. back of cards several times in a session
19. review from first box to last
20. create flash card
You can find visual help for adding flash card from file in Brain Power blog in address .
If you have some flash cards and you want to share with other users , send yours to us , and we will share your flash cards with others.
You can download 504 words essential flash cards here :


Version 4.4.0

  • Fix changing language bug in android 5
  • Possible to batch operation such as deleting, changing group and changing box with cards (in view card page)


    • modify/delete SD card contents
    • run at startup

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    نقد و بررسی لایتنرتصویری

    یادگیری مطالب درسی، علمی و یا هر مطلب دیگری به طوری که کاملا در ذهن حک شود، از دغدغه های خیلی از افراد است. به منظور رفع این دغدغه فکری، روش های جالبی پدید آمده که این روزها به صورت اپلیکیشن هایی در اختیار من و شما قرار میگیرد. “لایتنر تصویری قدرت ذهن”، یک اپلیکیشن اندرویدی مبتنی بر شیوه آموزشی جعبه لایتنر میباشد که در ادامه قصد معرفی آن را داریم. در نقد و بررسی این برنامه ما را همراهی کنید.