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What is blue quiz?

In simple language, bquiz is helping you get your driver licence without difficulty. (Just try it)

The bquiz is the result of the collaboration of the two leading of online driver test sites in the field of Online driving licence test

For over 6 years Quizi and Drivi  where available for free to the users and today, with the bquiz app, it is trying to help drivers get a certificate.

Should I pay a fee?

More than 90% of the content of the blue test is completely free and only a few tests at a very low cost of 5000 Rials are available to the user.

You can use the Bquiz for free.

What is the content of the BQuiz?

Technical questions of the new editing regulation 96

Rescue Exam Questions

exams for 98

Environmental Issues and Ethics Driving

General rules questions Board questions

New Deviant Questions

*** Special: Premier Questions for the first time with full description

📝 Take an unlimited number of quizzes.

📊 Conclusion and paper for each test

📕 Basic and final questions of the Code.

👮 Fully simulated based on the exam of regulations.

⏰ 20-minute time limit for each test in order to be similar to the original test.

⛔ Use the guessing techniques to enhance memory and keep track of signs and driving directions.

Other features of the driving test software:

🔎 Possibility to search the contents

 Possibility to add item to favorites, share

Acceptance in the preliminary and main tests

(*** 24-hour Telegram Support ***)

24 tests for free

Tests with subject categories (accident, pedestrian, alertness, numerical, combination)

Remember the signs

Technical questions

Test Repeat Questions Last Month

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