Excel training for employees

Excel training for employees

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Excel2007 concepts presented in this book first introduced and then use the tools and how to use the tools provided.

Working with charts, work with cells, tabulating, formulation and functions (function calculates the loan installments, subject to addition and subtraction, or other arithmetic function) and working with the other tools in this software are explained.

** Features:
- Simple Vzyba
- The program is comprised of five business units (the introduction of the use)
- Ability to Search Titles
- Classified (classified in this book so that content to simply remain in the user's mind)
- Adjust the size of content
- Avoid falling asleep screen
- Multiple images and zoom operations for better understanding

Be sure to have a growing importance of using familiar Excel software! If you are not already familiar with this software and you do not even have any idea about how it works, do not worry! Step by step to go ahead with the training and the use of images, simultaneous instruction execution time. You will see that at the end of this period, how do you get better.
Excel, a software package Microsoft Office suite (Office) is the product of Microsoft Corporation in the category of office applications (Desktop Application) is set.

A simple set of compact and efficient
Did you ever have thought that I was just the data itself was performed and account books?
Have you ever thought what was good for you if your monthly account and work with my computer?
Have you ever need to Mazandaran complex calculations or multi-stage data on a large number've found?
Would you like some beautiful and professional charts make data and information?
Is your tables so great that ordinary pages Microsoft Word is not here?
Do you want to change the amount of data associated values ​​are automatically modified?
Is ... ??

All the above features in Excel with a simple, yet very professional way of working is available.

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