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Alizadeh Exchange

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Alizadeh Trading started business in 2011 in Dubai (united Arab Emirates ) and Iran .

accreditation purchase and sale of cash foreign exchange and gold coins from the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran .

Also in 2014 has promoted exchange, authorization of an authorized foreign bank remittance Alizadeh Trading was added to circles .

Currently, a variety of commercial orders for the purchase of goods and services done to all countries of the world.

Also have return money service for exporters . 

Alizadeh Trading co ,  has three offices in Iran, Dubai and Oman, Our Offices ready for service for All customers


features for Alizadeh Mobile application:

Online foreign Exchange Rates

online buying and selling rates of bank cash

The latest price of gold and Gold coins

The rate of exchange in Farsi , Arabic and English

Western Union payment

Ability to subscribe Telegram Channel


Special Features:

Currency share via SMS, Whatsapp, telegram and email to your friends

Currency converter automatic notification (notification alerts for a variety of high and low exchange rates)

A quick call system with Our Offices in Iran and Dubai



Alizadeh Exchange


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