Countdown to exam

Countdown to exam

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The day before the exam, is very, very important. Of course, it's not that this day should be studying, but there are cases that if they do not comply, the exam session joy and happiness very much (physically and mentally) we have.


Facilities provided in this app include:

* How can the exam stress control.

* Procedures, especially pre-exam stress.

* How can you increase your focus in the study.

* The day before the exam.

* Demoralizing factors in Minecraft.

* Skills test called a woman in Minecraft.

* Several important point about Minecraft.

* Increased speed in answering exam questions.

* Tips Nutrition Quiz Night.

* The latest recommendations exam candidates.


Also on the program number of sentences uplifting and relaxing music are coming to relax by reading and listening to them.

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