1000 IELTS Vocabulary

1000 IELTS Vocabulary

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1000 IELTS Vocabulary is a free application to help you improve your IELTS vocabulary.

With 1000 IELTS Vocabulary app, give word-list selected by a group of language expert and experienced teacher from Cambridge university . This word-list cover essentials vocabulary in 19 common topics needed by IELTS student aiming for band 6-6.5.

Main Features::

✔ 1000 most common IELTS vocabulary in 19 topics
✔ Essential english vocabulary you need for IELTS highest score
✔ Practice session helps you remember vocabulary longer
✔ Usage examples for each word boost your knowledge rapidly
✔ Boost your imagination of vocabulary with pictures
✔ Easy manage your learning process
✔ Support translation to 50 languages over the world
✔ Motivate yourself with "Motivational quotes" everyday

Enjoy learning IELTS vocabulary!