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dadgahyar is the app to offer fully legal online & offline services 

Possibility to study offline posts for special members 

question and answer 

Get your legal questions in less than 24 hours 

Bank of the laws of the country 

Constitution, Family, Legal, Criminal, Armed Forces, Records, Proceedings, and Taxes. . . 

Judicial Component (Totally Offline) 

Calculate the inheritance (all floors) 

Calculation of lawyer's tax and tax stamp 

Calculating the cost of the Judicial Electronic Services Offices 

Calculate the cost of notary and marriage and divorce 

Calculate Death for Killing, Fetal, Fraction and Percentage 

Calculate the body diy's organs 

State Half Calculation 

Calculate the cost of proceedings 

Calculate coin denominations (with automatic daily updates) and rials 

Calculation of payment delay

Calculate the cost of undergraduate 

Calculate arbitration fees 

Address of the judicial authorities 

The address of the judicial authorities, the Dispute Resolution Council, and the police. . . With map and routing capabilities 

Opinions and theories 

Procedural Unity, Consultative Theory, Judicial Procedure, The Verdict of the Administrative Court, the Insolvency, Rules and Circulars 

Legal articles 

Find out your everyday legal issues in section articles

All contents are updated by our experts and attorneys. 


The judicial process you must take to file a complaint.  

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------- 

- Set up a variety of petitions, complaints, bills and contracts 

- Providing advisory services in person and by phone  

- Applying for attorneys from experienced attorneys  

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------  

All legal affairs are performed in the prosecutor's office and all lawyers have a permanent presence and no outsourcing is performed. You will be assured that all your affairs will be conducted under the supervision of this collection. 

We hope your loved ones contribute with the insight of our ideas in order to improve the quality of this collection. 

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