BiP Meet - Video Conference

BiP Meet - Video Conference

Version 2.0.12
Install +5 K
Category Education
Size 38 MB
Last Update 2023 May 19
BiP Meet - Video Conference

BiP Meet - Video Conference

Version 2.0.12
Install +5 K
Category Education
Size 38 MB
Last Update 2023 May 19
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BiP Meet provides the uninterrupted online conferencing feature to its members. You can easily participate virtual meetings, conferences and online calls with BiP Meet’s upgrading secure video conferencing substructure. As a prominent online meeting platform, BiP Meet has distinctive features to be preferred such as personal room feature, security substructure, muting feature, screen sharing, only voice mode and many more. Besides, there is a lobby feature which you can easily take the control of the meeting and decide who you want to let in and out.

Specific to the launch, BiP Meet gives 50 one-hour-long meetings free. To explore and set safe meeting zones, download BiP Meet now!

Highlights of BiP Meet Video Conferencing Application:

● Use the video conferencing application in an easy, seamless and safe way.
● You can share your online meeting link before or during the meeting to invite people.
● You can lock your meeting and include attendees with your approval.
● BiP Meet gives importance to your confidentiality. You can set passwords for video conferences and virtual meetings.
● You can adjust your camera and microphone settings during the meeting.
● You can remove the participants from the meeting during the video call.
● You can share your screen and see shared screens.

The prominent video conference application BiP Meet provides you a safe zone during your virtual meeting experience with continually upgraded features and strong substructure.

Join Meetings Easily

Thanks to the user-friendly interface of the BiP Meet online meeting application, you can easily start a video conference. You can also quickly join virtual meetings without being a member.

Use Video Conference Application BiP Meet Safely

BiP Meet cares about your confidentiality. You can create safer zones through BiP Meet and secure your data confidently. You can create personal rooms and passwords for the security of your virtual calls.

Make 50 Free Video Conferences Per Moth with BiP

Specific to launch, you can make 50 one-hour-long free virtual calls on BiP Meet.

Create Productive Meeting Zones Through BiP Meet

Virtual meetings are so productive with BiP Meet! You can lock your meeting and make participants wait in the lobby. You can remove participants anytime you want.

Reduce Data Consumption During the Virtual Meetings

You can reduce data consumption during the virtual meetings anytime you want by choosing “only voice” mood. Thus, your video will not be shared with the other participants and even if the other participants share their videos, they will not be shared with you.

Download BiP Meet now and discover it more closely!

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