Fireman Games City Rescue Hero

Fireman Games City Rescue Hero

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If you've always dreamed of being a fire officer and saving the day then this is the game for you! Fireman Games City Rescue Hero let's all play at being the hero of the day and saving every person - and cat! - from danger!

Ready to play? All you have to do is choose which firefighter you're going to be and you're ready!

Go out in your fire truck and look for situations where Fire Hero Guys are needed! Maybe you'll be asked to come and rescue a kitty from a tree - the poor things are always getting stuck right at the top and no one but the bravest firefighters can get up there - but remember to bring some treats to win the little kitty's trust because they won't want to climb into your hands if they don't like you!

Perhaps you'll have to get out onto the freeway and help a truck that's spilled its cargo all over the road! Your fire truck has all the right tools for the job, but the truck can't do the work on its own and that's why you're in charge! Clear up all the cargo, get it all back on the truck and get the roads moving again quick as a flash!

Sometimes storms blow trees down or cause landslides, it's the fire department's job to clear the roads of all hazards, whether it's boulders you have to smash up with a jack hammer or huge trees that need cutting with your chainsaw, on your fire truck, you've got everything you need!

But using a fire truck all the time makes it dirty and sometimes it breakdown. No problem! Back at the station you'll have everything you need to clean it up and make it shine again, and there's all kinds of tools ready for you to use when you get under the hood and into the engine itself!

in Fireman Games City Hero Rescue, you'll be expected to tackle the hardest jobs of all, saving people from terrible fires! Sometimes there will be forest fires when you'll need to fly your helicopter over the flames to reduce all the people stuck on the ground, and other times they'll be stuck in buildings. You need to be very quick to save them all, fires spread fast and all those people need a hero like you!

Firefighters never leave a building to burn, get your hose out and dowse those flames, put out the fire and make the building safe again!

There's so much to do when you're a Fireman Games City Rescue Hero, there's never a minute to rest, but hero's never rest until everyone is safe.

Good luck firefighters, to your fire trucks!

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