Mad Contest

Mad Contest

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The price of success on the superheroes world is really expensive. If you wasn’t born with a super power, you need to find other ways to become a champion. Only a real explosive power will help you to defeat criminals in this city. That’s what decided our hero. If there is a special pill which will help you to become much stronger, why don’t try it? Real guardian of justice needs to be on alert. 
Not only a cool guy with massive power can become a superhero. What will happen if to take a pill? Find out by yourself!

This saga will start from the rebellion of criminals in the city. But not only fighting with crime, but also extreme races, saving Mr. President and, of course, saving Universe and taking part in a star fighting contest. It’s a totally explosive superheroes contest!

Become the most powerful superhero!
Stop invasion and save the city!
Start a new age of superheroes!

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