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Wing Chun is a very famous martial arts school, not a few people who have studied wing chun. Indonesian people who have studied wing chun in their original country, namely China is Deddy Corubuzier, actor Bruce Lee has also studied the knowledge and techniques of this one beladairi. In Indonesia there are a lot of places that teach wing chun martial arts, usually there are wing chun training sites in Jakarta.

If you want to learn wing chun more deeply and better, then you should learn from wing chun masters in China. There you will be taught wing chun martial arts techniques from basic techniques so that you are adept at wing chun, if you are already skilled in learning wing chun and make sure to use it wisely and do not use the skill wrong.

Wing Chun himself was introduced by the wing chun master named IP Man, the story of Ip Man has been documented in the form of a film. A little review of the personal data of the ip man who was born in Foshan China on October 1, 1893, ip man died in hongkong squatting on December 1, 1972.

Now we need to apply the following wing chun learning techniques when we want to learn wing chun, maybe quite a few articles about how to practice / learn wing chun easily and completely hopefully can be useful for those of you who want to try self defense If you like this article then you can share it in social media, or if anyone wants to be asked, you can ask via the comments column below, good luck and good luck.

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