Miracle of Life by Mohammad Kazem

Miracle of Life by Mohammad Kazem

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Hello. Did you hear the story of the life of an old man of agriculture who, while being illiterate, is protecting the entire holy Quran? He is Muhammad Kadhim Saroqi. A person who is under the guidance of God and despite being illiterate, he is the protector of the entire Quran.

But what happens in their lives when they are so graciously submissive to God?

You will find answers to these questions in the "Miracle of Life of Mohammad Kazem" application.

In addition to the life of Karbala'i Muhammad Kadhim, we have included thirteen informative texts and fourteen other sacred hadiths in the program, which you can see in the list of informative materials:

1. Miracle of Life by Mohammad Kazem

2. The story of the life of Imam Za'yat (as)

3. Lose against death

4. Even Pharaoh ...

5. I want to be honest!

6. Impressive

7. Have a bad time with others

8. Awesome Pride

9. Peir is a righteous man

10. Appearance of the devotee

11. A hypocrite

12. The King's Palace

13.Fut time!

14. Milk milk sale

And fourteen sacred hadiths (along with mention of the source), along with informative points about the sacred hadiths.

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