بازیابی عکس های حذف شده ریکاوری

بازیابی عکس های حذف شده ریکاوری

Version 1.2
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Whether personal information on the phone or have a flash drive that you can not take to restore to a stranger?

Have the sudden removal of memory and mobile to be laid Atlaatvn be or not to restore forced to be spending too much?

Have you ever been a longtime Rome years ago in which information and I need it to be severe?

Nbashyn worry about deleting your files with the help of this software you will be able to recover all of your data

Software that is in front of you is a highly advanced software to restore your data, such as photos and documents Music apk file ...

With this program you will be able to recover 95% of your data and the 5 Drsdm that can not be recovered or file is too old or corrupted

Whether you delete the wrong file or format your memory the scammer scammer or has already been deleted can be easily restored

Note software available for recovery is good but I do not have any performance for this application is really able to recover your files

Special Features Software
✒Astfadh easy
✒Amkan work in offline mode
✒Bazgrdany files deleted by mistake
✒Amkan set to retrieve old files
✒Amkan recovery setting in terms of file size
✒Amkan set various sectors such as photo and video documents ... They're willing to restore
✒Amkan flash memory data recovery by otg cable
✒Amkan save recovered files on internal and external memory, or even FTP Jamil Vsrvrhay
✒Amkan delete files permanently restored

✒Pshtybany formats

Notice too. This software works without'm rooting for improved performance and complete it, but your phone must be rooted

Please contact us with any problems you were in the least time to your problem be addressed too.

The new version of Ruth's easy for rooted phones not added you to the easiest method to root y

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