Ace Angler Fishing Spirits M

Ace Angler Fishing Spirits M

Version 1.5.0
Install <10
Category Simulation
Size 567 MB
Last Update 2024 February 15
Ace Angler Fishing Spirits M

Ace Angler Fishing Spirits M

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Version 1.5.0
Install <10
Category Simulation
Size 567 MB
Last Update 2024 February 15
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The popular Japanese fishing game Ace Angler is now a mobile fishing game! Let’s go on a fishing adventure!

“Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits M” is a fishing game where you earn medals by catching fish and sharks!
Snag the big fish/sharks and rake in tons of medals!
Catch a wide variety of fish and sharks from massive sea creatures to ones never seen before!

■Fishing Game Content
In this fishing game, use medals to select a fishing rod, then catch fish and sharks with it to earn more medals. Fishing rods that make it easier to catch big fish and sharks cost more medals to use.
Fish fall into different classes. The higher the fish's class, the more medals you'll earn for catching it.
The trick is to select the right fishing rod for the fish’s class you're trying to catch.
The fishing controls are simple, so everyone from beginners in fishing to ace anglers can fish to their hearts' content!

■Fishing Stages
Use the medals you've earned to purchase fishing stages at the shop.
Test your fishing skills in a total of six stages, including Coral Reef, Deep Sea Ruins, Sunken Ship, and Deep Sea.
Plus, there are special fishing stages where you may get the chance to win lots of extra medals.

The fishing game features not only fish and sharks but also over 100 kinds of sea creatures, including clownfish and great white sharks.
Fish and sharks you catch will be registered in the Fish Encyclopedia, so catch them all and complete your fish encyclopedia.

■Fishing Rankings
By catching fish and sharks, you can earn medals to climb the fishing rankings, competing with players around the world.
Reel in those fish and sharks and aim for first place!

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or core fishing games fan, ace angler fishing spirits m
is a great time-killing game. With dozens of fishing stages worldwide and countless fish species, it provides a great experience for anyone looking to play a fishing game.

Fishing game "Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits M" is recommended for people who:
Usually enjoy fishing games.
Want to enjoy fishing games easily on their smartphone.
Like fishing but can't visit fishing spots.
Want to enjoy fishing games during their commute or spare time.
Want to relieve stress by catching fish and sharks
Have played other fishing games before.
interested in the ecosystem of fish and sharks.
Want to play a fishing game/medal game with various stages.
Like to enjoy fishing games/medal games to kill time as a game before going to bed.
Play medal games in a different way from the usual medal games.
like to explore the world full of fish and sharks
Want to play fishing games/medal games to kill time during break time.
Look for simple fishing games/medal games.
Oftenly watch documentaries about fish and sharks
Love marine life such as fish and sharks.


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