Us Police Dog Duty Simulator

Us Police Dog Duty Simulator

نسخه ۱.۶
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The security of grand city is in your hand now you have to trained your dogs as professional cop dog. You are playing the best Us police dog duty simulator game where you will chase the criminals in grand city as police dog duty simulator, sniff, chase to fins the criminals and missing person in the city. Assign different target to the cop dog like find wanted criminals and illegal items, dissolve bomb, help injured persons. Play ultimate criminal pursuit and don’t let the grand city turn into a criminal place. Hunt down criminals as you are a trained German shepherd. This is the game for whom who is looking for the police duty games or cop dog duty games with full package of chasing and entertainment.

The city is turning into crime day by day as police dog officer its your duty to cut down crime from the city by using your sniffing abilities to track down the criminals on time. In this us police dog duty simulator trained as a K9 dog to find clues to track criminals. Some gangsters and criminals may try to break the nation rules by smuggling drugs, planting bombs and kidnap kids but if you are on duty, they have to face you first be ready to catch them before they end up with the criminal activity. Assist police officer and other cop individuals to trace suspects.

Us Police Dog Duty Simulator is a thrilling action game where you play as K9 dog to chase and catch robbers. Police chase and crime town games are popular but playing as a cop dog is even more thrilling and fun.
Best of luck police officers
- Best cop dog games
- Be a police city crime dog hero
- Smooth controls
- High graphics with awesome animations
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