Find My Phone

Find My Phone

Version 2.8.7
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If you have ever lost a phone in your room, bag, desk or car and you couldn't find it; this program is just for you. This application detects sounds similar to whistling and then informs you about the location of your lost phone. You only have to whistle and your phone will start vibrating, emitting a loud sound and shining a bright camera light of the phone. This way you can quickly locate your lost phone even in silence!!

Additionally you can set listening out for the whistle only while the screen of the phone is off. This will help save battery.

This tool also detects the moment of incoming connection. This option will unblock the microphone used to detect a whistle when the phone receives a call.

After the phone call, the phone will continue listening out for the whistle.


Please whistle continuous In half, one and two seconds . The effectiveness of whistle detection depends on the built-in microphone and the number of sounds and sounds around.

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