Ba Bimeh - BaBime E-insurance

Ba Bimeh - BaBime E-insurance

Version 3.3.0
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(( Babimeh , insure in your own way ))

Comprehensive system of search , comparison and online insurance policy purchase

In Babimeh you can find , compare and buy any kind of insurance policies that you want .

In Babimeh you can buy your intended insurance by instalments and without any prepayment and subside .


The application services in general are as follows :

. It allows you to buy all insurance policies from different insurance companies like :


Third-party insurance, car body insurance, fire insurance, health insurance, including supplemental insurance, and various types of liability insurance policies for managers and ... 


. reminder : Where you can  enter all of your important dates, such as the expiration date of your insurance plan or … and then Babimeh accurately reminds you about it at the appointed time. . hamsafar : In this section , you won’t miss your tripmates and you can easily find their location during the trip and even send them messages .  

 . Earn money :  In Babimeh you can earn points ( credit ) by watching our educational videos or inviting your friends to our application . Then you can use you credits to purchase insurance policies .

.  Location of all insurance providing branches : In this part you can easily find every branches of insurance providing offices all over Iran .

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