White Noise - Baby Sound Machine by SleepMatic

White Noise - Baby Sound Machine by SleepMatic

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Soothe and calm your crying baby even if your baby has colic .

√ One single page - Very simple to use.
√ Baby sleep sounds app with 16 high quality white noise for baby sleep.
√ No complex menus or forced subscription offers.
√ All features are free to use.
To start to use this white noise sound app in just 2 seconds :
√ Set timer , play sound

If your baby has trouble falling asleep just use SleepMatic and make your baby sleep in peace easily.

With the help of these high quality white noise sounds soothe your baby easily.

This is a must-have app if you are facing the same problems like many parents have ;
if your baby has colic ,
has sleep apnea,
most of time sleepless and restless ,
waking up many times during the night ,
is fussy and crying most of the time or similar sleeplessness disorders...

The application has 16 high quality relaxing melodies - white noise
- hair dryer
- vacuum cleaner sound
- washing machine sound
- shower sound
- train sound
- wind sound
- fan noise sound
- engine sound of a car
- rain sound
- river sound
- stream sound
- sea sound
- tv white noise sound
- heart beat sound
- music box ( lullaby ) sound
- real womb sound

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