Morse Code Keyboard

Morse Code Keyboard

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نصب فعال

This application features a keyboard in which keys are A, B, C and so on but when you click on them, the Morse code corresponding to that letter will appear! So now no need to convert the text and then send it!

It also has a page where you can input the whole sentence/word and get the Morse code to that text!
And you can input the Morse code and get the output based on that in text form!!

Some features of the app are:
➡️Text Keyboard giving output in Morse code.
➡️Number and Special Symbol Support in the Keyboard.
➡️A simple dot (.) and dash (-) keyboard.

To get started, click on the Setup button in the 3 dot menu and follow the instructions.

If you have any suggestions/doubts, click on the Contact Us button in the 3 dot menu to send us a email regarding the suggestion /doubt.

Thank you!!

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